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Discover the Essence of Our Company's Philosophy

At BASF PETRONAS Chemicals, we pay high attention towards career advancement management for our employees. Here, we embrace the tradition of looking within before elsewhere to fill vacant positions within our company. This tradition is strongly backed by our training and development program, designed to ensure that our staff never remain stagnant but are consistently growing in knowledge and skills to take on greater challenges and responsibilities when the need arises in the future.

Our employees are given the opportunity to not only expand their skills and experiences within the company. There are ocassions when staff are dispatched as delegates to our associate companies throughout the world. Meet some of our people who are currently posted overseas in the Training & Development Programs section.

Meet Our People

Meet some of our people who have benefited from this career advancement management program:

Salahudin Technician II, OLL

He landed a job here several months after completing his certificate at Instep. Also fondly known as Sudin among his friends, he is currently a technician.

He has been working for five good years and enjoying every minute of it. When asked why, he simply said, "Because we are like one big family here. We have a great working environment, taking care of each other and I believe that matters most."

Kasma - Senior Executive, HRD Dept.

Her career here began as a Department Secretary for Project Management Team in 1999 as contract staff and later offered for permanent position in Technical Division in 2000. She then moved from secretary position to an IT Executive in 2003 before promoted to her current role in training and development in 2006.

"I'm really proud to be part of BASF PETRONAS Chemicals' family. It's a learning experience for me as I had the opportunity to learnt different functions here. For me, if you have the right mind set and positive thinking, you are capable of doing anything.

Our company gave opportunities for us to move to a different field position and at the same time groom them for that new position. I've been sent for relevant trainings and seminars. I thank my superior for the opportunity and trust given to handle projects independently. This allows me to show my capabilities and creativity, at the same time providing guidance and mentoring whenever I needed."

In addition to that, she is also an emcee for many company events and functions, active in Sports and Recreation activities and participates actively in the Community Care programs organized by the company.

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