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Training & Development

At BASF PETRONAS Chemicals, employees are never stagnant. Here, strengths are nurtured, while competencies and skills are polished as full support and encouragement is provided for each employee to reach his/her full potential. 

Stepping into the employment of BASF PETRONAS Chemicals, employees immediately embark on a journey of learning experience.  Our insiders are privy not only to training and development activities in the form of courses under formal classroom settings conducted internally as well as externally, but  also benefit from the casual day to day mentoring and coaching, on the job training, job enrichment, job rotation and self learning, among others.

The following are some of the more prominent formal programs we have designed to assist our insiders in improving their knowledge and skills:

Meet Our People
Nor Aziah Delegated to BASF SE, Germany from Jan. 2006 to Dec. 2011

"Work is primarily deadline-driven and consumes most of my time but one of the best aspects has been the rather open and close working relationship within my division. I've had the opportunity to learn in greater depth the operational aspects and global business overview of the Functional Polymer division."

Vimala - Delegated to BASF East Asia Ltd, Hong Kong from June 2005 until May 2013

"This posting has allowed me to understand BASF's working culture better and gave me the opportunity to work with various levels and functions. These experiences will be helpful in the future."

Asmawi - Delegated to BASF SE, Germany from Sept. 2006 until Aug. 2008

"At work, besides the day-to-day production activity, I am also involved in capacity expansion projects for other plants within the Oxo group. This is certainly very different compared with Kuantan, where I was responsible for the Kuantan plant."

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