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Spearheading The Industry Through Sound Management

Improving employees' effectiveness and increasing productivity and profitability is the key to our success.

At BASF PETRONAS Chemicals, we adopt the functional organisation structure, enabling specialists to focus on their respective areas.

However, it is the cross functional bonds forged and strengthened between the respective divisions and departments which have led to our effectiveness and success. Like inter connected nucleuses, all departments and divisions work as a cohesive team, supporting each other, and forging ahead together to achieve company targets and objectives. This makes it not only rewarding for the organisation as a whole, but also for the individuals involved, be it employees, customers, suppliers and the community as a whole.

  Business Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Operations
  • Logistics
  Corporate Functions
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Information Technology / Information Systems (IT/IS)
  • Procurement
  Human Resource Management
  • HR Planning, Recruitment, Employee Relations, Security & Administration
  • HR Development and Communication
  • Remuneration Management
  • Acrylics Complex
  • BDO Complex
  • OXO Complex
  • Technical Competence
  • Port Tank Farm          
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Quality Management

Business Management Division
  Strategic Marketing

This department is involved in developing and implementing designs of our product’s regional strategies. These strategies are developed and implemented based on the respective strategies and marketing concepts for each product.

  Marketing Operations

This department is responsible to project BASF PETRONAS Chemicals' manufactured products (OMP) to the world. They are also responsible to maintain close relationships with  our customers in Asia Pacific, to ensure that their requirements are catered to in the most efficient possible manner. This is achieved through close working ties with our BASF collegues and other business partners (such as  distributors) in the Asia Pacific countries.

The Marketing department also handles the organisation of special events with the aim to foster and strengthen our relationships with important customers and business partners, especially in our home market Malaysia.


Logistics department plays a major role in the Supply Chain Management. Responsibilities include managing the incoming orders from customers, materials management, order processing, transport management via land or sea as well as the preparation of the necessary documentation. This department works closely with all other divisions, particularly the  Marketing Operations department  to realise our target in providing the best logistics solutions to our customers.

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Corporate Functions Division
  This division encompasses three main departments as follows :
  Finance & Accounting
  The Finance Function provides the company with its accounting and financial reporting backbone of the company. One of its tasks is to provide leadership in ensuring compliance to the local GAAP (generally accepted accounting practices), local statutory requirements as well as BASF's accounting guidelines.

Another significant function is to provide leadership in ensuring that effective corporate governance is in place and that any significant non compliance of company policies and guidelines , as well as statutory requirements are proactively reported to the management. When this is done, immediate action is taken.

In discharging their duties, Finance personnel also provide in depth analysis and insights to the management team.

It also manages the funds of the company ensuring maximum returns in the banks. Along with this, FOREX (foreign exchange) transactions are also managed in line with BASF's guidelines.

Credit management of customers is also within the scope of Finance. In this area, responsibilities include customer credit risk management, as well as customers' DSO (day sales outstanding).

  Information Technology / Information Systems (IT/IS)
  IT/IS aims to provide best-in-class IT related services to the various constituents of the business. It also provides the necessary leadership to build IT/IS capabilities that enable the company to be agile enabling it to seize business opportunities when the need arises.

Their services include:

  • SAP support and solutions for business requirements.
  • Service desk support/solutions for hardware, software and telecommunications.
  • Management of IT infrastructure i.e. WAN, LAN, servers, SAN, etc.
  • Development of in house applications to fulfill business requirements.
  • In-house IT/IS consultations to the business
  The procurement function acquires goods and services at the best possible total cost of ownership to the company. The function delivers competitive advantage through world class procurement of raw materials, technical goods & services and packaging.

It helps the company achieve its ambitious earnings targets by creating favorable purchasing conditions.

This function also plays a role as one of the Asian Region procurement hubs for the BASF Group. In doing so, its staff supports regional practices, participates & contributes to the procurement ‘Verbund', share best practices while at the same time maintains a high level of quality management and governance within the procurement system.

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Human Resource Management
  This division oversees all areas encompassing the recruitment of employees, including delegates from BASF and staff seconded from PETRONAS. It is divided into three main departments :
  HR Planning, Recruitment, Employee Relations, Security & Administration

Organisational manpower planning, including the recruitment, training and development of staff, union and employee relations, exit interviews and security falls within the ambit of this department. Administration Department involves in the management of staff/office services, asset management, company vehicles & transportation as well as  office maintenance services & telecommunications.

  HR Development and Communications
  This department's main focus is on the planning and implementation of training and development of staff as well as their succession planning. It is also responsible for setting up and implementing the Performance Management System, Promotions, Employee Communications, Marketing Communications, Sports and Recreation, Community   Relations, Media Relations, Visits as well as Donations/Sponsorships.
  Remuneration Management
  This department handles all areas relating to the HRM Policies and Guidelines as well as remuneration, compensation and benefits of all BASF PETRONAS Chemicals employees, including delegates and secondees from BASF and PETRONAS, respectively. Matters handled  by this department also include Human Resource Management Information System, administration of the Performance Management System, employee welfare & separation.
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Operations Division
  Operations division is responsible for the safe and environmentally friendly production of our sales products. Under this division we have :
  • Acrylics Complex
  • BDO Complex
  • OXO Complex
  • Technical Competence
  • Port Tank Farm          
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Quality Management
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