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Our Verbund Concept

In a world where nothing remains constant, the Verbund philosophy has been the agile mainstay of BASF PETRONAS Chemicals.

This German word meaning integrated to the maximum degree is translated into the overall approach towards manufacturing, research and the management philosophy of our company. The Verbund philosophy is anchored on the  understanding that in order to ensure long term profitability and sustainability, the circle of concern should be expanded beyond the ambit of maximising production per se. into environmental concerns,  the well being of  the employees, customers, suppliers and the community we operate in.

BASF PETRONAS Chemical’s fully integrated Site in Gebeng, Kuantan, Malaysia is one of the two and the largest Verbund Sites in the fast growing Asia Pacific Region.

Verbund in Production

Verbund is applied in production by linking the various manufacturing plants within the integrated site with an intricate network of pipes. These pipes facilitate the transportation of by-products and wastes from one plant to another, where they serve as raw materials for another process. 
The excess heat from exothermic chemical reactions are also converted into steam and fed into the steam network instead of being emitted into the environment. This creates a string of value adding product chains, with a two pronged benefit, namely reducing the emission of wastes into the environment while optimising production costs.

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The application of Verbund is not only confined in the realm of production. At BASF PETRONAS Chemicals, this philosophy is given the extra edge in the form of knowledge sharing and feedback between employees.

Beyond the physical confines of the Company work site, Verbund is utilised in the form of discussions, dialogues and feedbacks among customers, suppliers and neighbouring sites in efforts to develop innovative and cooperative solutions for the benefit of all concerned.

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