Responsible Care Health, Safety & Environment Community Outreach Report 2015
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Health, Safety & Environment

The health and safety of our employees as well as every other individual who work with us, be it our customers, suppliers or contractors are important to us.  Together, we collaborate and innovate to ensure that our work place meets high safety and health standards making it a comfortable hub for our people. In addition to this infrastructure, our HSE initiative was also designed to inculcate a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible culture among our employees, and others who work with us.

Our HSE goals include:

  • Zero Accidents

We seek to send our employees and others who work with us home safe and healthy at the end of each day. For that we have a set of well established procedures to ensure our Zero Accidents target is met. However, we never let chance rule our day. In case of emergencies, we are well prepared with our very own, highly competent, Emergency Response Team and Advance First Aid Responders to administer help while waiting for the arrival of the professional medical team.

  • No health problems due to operations

Our Occupational Health Department establishes a healthy working environment by building awareness on health and encouraging healthy and wellness behaviour among our employees. When medical help is required, a well equipped medical clinic is also available within our plant site

  • No irreversible impairment of the environment attributable to our operations

On the operations front, our Verbund site, provides effective protection of  the environment by controlling hazardous emissions, minimising wastes, ensuring chemical conservation and preventing pollution.

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