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Advanced First Responders (AFR)

In the chemical industry, it is especially important to have highly trained first aiders who are able to respond to chemical related incidents expediently, prior to the arrival of professional medical help.

For this purpose we have formed our AFR who are trained in the areas of Basic and Advanced Life Cardiac Support and Basic and Advanced Trauma Life Support

Along with the ERT, the AFR team also undergoes periodical drills and training to strengthen their preparedness in dealing with emergencies. During such incidents, they will be required to work with the paramedics on duty to conduct triage, administer first aid treatment, stabilise the victims, transport and hand over the victims to the Occupational Health Team at the Clinic onsite.

The key responsibilities of the AFR team are as follows:

    • To respond to emergencies immediately & remain with the victim till professional medical team is available.
    • Early assessment of the victim at site
    • Administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if required.
    • Assist the paramedic on duty for further treatment and transport victim to hospital or specialist center

First Aid Responders

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