Responsible Care Health, Safety & Environment Community Outreach Report 2015
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Responsible Care

Responsible Care® is a global industry wide initiative, focusing on the protection of people and the environment through the responsible management of chemicals, chemical products, processes and operations.

From inception, BASF PETRONAS Chemicals has embraced this initiative since the year 2000.

By endorsing and advocating Responsible Care®, we work together with our suppliers, customers and our community to achieve its objectives through open communications and transparent processes and procedures.  Our six management codes of Responsible Care® are:

1. Community awareness and emergency response
Our commitment towards providing a safe and healthy environment is fostered to the members of the surrounding community. Meanwhile, our plants' emergency preparedness is ensured at all times. Read further

2. Employee health and safety
Work related hazards are identified and assessed to prevent unsafe acts and conditions, thus improving employees’ health and safety. Meanwhile, the community are roped in to be involved and educated on issues concerning health and safety of the facility so they too can understand and benefit from this initiative. Read further.

3. Process safety
In designing and implementing our safety systems, we make a point to listen to the concerns of the community and employees.  Read further.

4. Product stewardship
One of the key codes of Responsible Care®, product stewardship is a concept whereby environmental protection centers around the product itself, and everyone involved in the lifespan of the product is called upon to take up responsibility to reduce its environmental impact. Read further.

5. Pollution prevention
Efforts are diligently made to reduce or prevent pollutant emission into to the environment. Read further.

6. Distribution
Risk or harm posed by the distribution of chemicals to the plant’s employees, the carriers, distributors, contractors, general public and the environment is reduced or eliminated altogether. Read further.

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