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Look around you and you will be certain to see products with our silent mark on it, be it the soles of your shoes, which lend you the comfort to the steps that you take on hard stony ground, the parts on the motorised window of your automobile, the colour and comfort of the fibre in the fabric of your favourite t-shirt, the good night sleep your baby and you have due to her highly absorbent diapers and many more.


Category Product Range End Applications
Acrylic Monomers Glacial Acrylic Acid Disposable diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products;

Cable industry, packing industry; for medical treatment; floor cleaners; treatment of waste; fire protection; sealing materials.

Butyl Acrylate Dispersants; incrustation inhibitors, surfactant.
2-Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate Flocculants; dispersants; anti-scalants;

Acrylates binders; sizing agents; finishing auxiliaries, leather tanning and leather treatment;

Acrylic fibers for floor covering and clothing;

Impact modifier for ABS, extrusion of sheets and profiles, calendering of rigid films;

Pharmacological products;


Industrial coatings; agricultural coatings;

Non woven fabric; glass fibre mats; textile coating; paper & film coating; floor covering; moulded foams; glove dipping;

Graphic paper.

Dioctyl Phthalate Mainly used in PVC industries for:

film & sheets for automotives and household flooring;


wire and cable;


PVC packaging sheets.

Oxo Alcohol (Solvents) 2-Ethyl Hexanol
Normal-butanol Acrylates (Butyl Acylates);

Acetates (Butyl Acetates);

Oriented Poly-Propylene (OPP) tape;


household coatings and paints;

Iso-butanol Household & industrial coatings;


Wood furniture varnish;

Lube oil additive;


Butanediol & Derivatives Butanediol Shoe soles, laminates (artificial leather), adhesive;

Housing for electrical motors and electronic components:

motors for power windows, antennas, ABS control;

Ignition systems - distributor caps, bodies, and rotors;

Connectors for telecommunications, electronic data processing, television equipment;

Parts for medical and optical instruments;


Pump casing and rotors, large water metres, valve bodies, housing and functional parts for the distribution and metering of some corrosive fluids;

Sliding parts in machinery, magnetic recording equipment, record players, cameras, copying equipment, and sewing machines (running at high speed).

Tetrahydrofuran Sports attire;

Artificial leather, magnetic tapes, cellophane;

PVC adhesive for rigid PVC;

Grignard syntheses or lithium aluminium hydride reductions;

Production of organometallic compounds;

Active pharmaceutical ingredients

Gamma Butyrolactone Production of vitamins & pharmaceuticals;

Herbicides, plant growth regulators;

Photochemical etching, electrolytes of small batteries or capacitors;

Viscosity modifiers in polyurethanes;

Surface etching of metal coated plastics;

Organic paint disbursement for water soluble inks;

pH regulators in the dyeing of wool and polyamide fibres;

Foundry chemistry as a catalyst during curing, curing agents in many coating systems based on urethanes and amides.

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