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Health, Safety & Environment

At BASF PETRONAS Chemicals Sdn. Bhd., we ensure that our work place operates in the highest safety and health standards for all our employees, including our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Our HSE goals include:

  • ZERO accidents
  • ZERO work related illnesses due to our operations
  • ZERO reportable adverse environmental impact

Together, we collaborate and innovate to ensure that our work place meets high safety and health standards making it a safe and comfortable hub for our people. This is seen in the presence of our own on-site well equipped clinic and trained personnel led by an Occupational Health physician, an ambulance with full advanced life support equipment and our own Fire Department with fire personnel and well-equipped fire engines. In case of emergencies, our own highly competent Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Advance First Aid Responders (AFR) are ready to spring into action while awaiting the arrival of the professional medical team.

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Emergency Contact+609 585 5555